PBL Showcase

What is PBL?

PBL is short for 'Project-Based Learning'. Project-based learning is at the core of what we do. This revolutionary model helps students (learners) gain the valuable collaborative, academic and problem-solving skills our global economy will demand from them. Through the PBL method, learners tackle deeply engaging projects about real-world issues that require critical thought, inquiry, and synthesis. These projects culminate in regular Presentations of Learning (POLs) to their peers, facilitators, community members and parents.

What is a POL?

POL is short for 'Presentation of Learning'. As part of the project-based learning process, learners create and share Presentations of Learning (POL). The POL is an opportunity for learners to showcase and reflect on their own achievement and growth through the completion of the project. POLs are also an opportunity for learners to exhibit their own creativity and design thinking, present the outcome of their efforts, and celebrate their academic successes.

Please take a moment to view one of our many Presentations of Learning from over the years, found below.