PBL Showcase

DreamUp to Space

Announcing the 2021-22 DreamUp to Space Team

We’re over the moon to announce the top proposal in Alaka’i O Kuau’i Charter School’s DreamUp to Space Mission & Experiment Design Challenge, 2021-22. Proposals and videos from seven finalistRead more

Project Based Learning Alakai O Kauai

5 Ways PBL Facilitates Lifelong Learning

We are hearing more and more each day about the changing world of work and what type of skills will define the success of today’s students and future professionals. OutsideRead more

Project Based Learing

Alaka’i O Kaua’i Culture: Project-Based Learning

Spend even just a few moments inquiring about the Alakaʻi O Kauaʻi approach to education, and one of the first things you’ll hear about is project-based learning, or PBL. It’sRead more

Alaka'i O Kaua'i 2nd graders Leader in Me video

Alaka’i O Kaua’i 2nd Grade “Leader in Me” Music Video

At the end of the 2020-21 school year, Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School 2nd graders made this fun music video celebrating the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Watch toRead more

Alaka'i O Kaua'i 2nd graders with Ms. Mick

Alaka’i O Kaua’i 2nd Graders Embrace the 7 Habits Every Day

By Michael Niehoff Education Content Coordinator, iLEAD Schools For educators, an important part of the role is establishing classroom expectations and culture. Some educators develop their own systems, some implementRead more

responsible citizens

Alaka’i O Kaua’i 2nd Graders Present the 7 Habits!

Mrs. Joeanne Mick’s 2nd graders have been deeply invested in project-based learning centered on the 7 Habits. Please enjoy this slide presentation to learn about the habits.

Alakai O Kauai Presentation of Learning

Alaka’i O Kaua’i Kindergarten Presentations of Learning: Making Musical Instruments

Project-based learning is thriving in Miss Casey Zoppa’s kindergarten class. Their driving question was “How can we as sound engineers build instruments?” We asked Ms. Z for some highlights ofRead more

Alaka'i O Kaua'i Charter School

Third Grade PBL: Making a Podcast

Driving Question: How can we create a podcast for Alaka’i O Kaua’i that effectively shares the vibrancy of our learning with our community? Learners found inspiration while listening to severalRead more

Alakai O Kauai Presentation of Learning

1st Grade Presentation of Learning: Healthy Earth, Healthy Me

Before the break, Ms. Joeanne’s first grade class hosted their Presentation of Learning for Healthy Earth, Healthy Me. Their driving question was “How can we help keep our environment andRead more

Project Based Learning at Alakai O Kauai

Alaka`i O Kaua`i Learners Present Their Project-Based Learning

We ended the month of February with our 5th and 6th graders displaying what they learned about Native Americans and how to make pop-up books through the use of mathematicalRead more

Alakai O Kauai Gardening

Kindergarten Project-Based Learning in the Garden!

Our kindergarteners are in the midst of a project-based learning unit on gardening. They’re learning what’s needed to create a successful garden and what plants need to thrive. Our drivingRead more

Presentation of Learning

Kindergarten POLs

The week of Oct. 1 in kindergarten, we did our first community helpers Presentation of Learning (POL). We are so proud of our kindergarteners! They worked so hard the pastRead more

Bubble Bonanza

Bubble Bonanza PBL

Mrs. Ashley’s class just finished up their latest installment of Project-Based Learning, “Engineering Bubble Wands”. They presented their designs to the 1st and 2nd grade classes and then took themRead more

Hands-On Science Learning

Our 5th grade class is fortunate enough to be located in the school’s science lab, and last week we took full advantage of this by having a full lab day.Read more

Project Based Learning

Project-based Learning in First & Second Grade

Miss Kim and Miss Megan have begun their second unit in Project-Based Learning. First and second graders are learning about the world through their explorations with “Flat Stanley,” our literacyRead more

Project Based Learning

Learning More About Project-Based Learning

Alakai’i O Kaua’i and iLEAD Schools are pleased to have Dr. Thom Markham, founder of PBL Global, visit our school this week to work with our staff on developing rigorousRead more

iLEAD Students Prepare for Launch to Space Station

A team of iLEAD students is preparing to send a science experiment aboard the SpaceX-16 Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station (ISS) scheduled to launch on December 4.Read more