Preventing and Treating Ukus

Last week, we sent home an informational article: Preventing and Treating Ukus. This article was sent out due to a few incidents we’ve had at school regarding ukus (head lice). We contacted the Department of Education District Office (Kaua’i), and found out that this problem is prevalent in all schools, especially elementary schools, since children at this age level tend to be a lot more hands-on with each other.

Our teachers are taking precautions in any and every way they can in their classrooms. We have also performed some in-school uku checks with the assistance of a registered nurse. We encourage all Alaka`i O Kaua’i Charter School families to be considerate in checking your children for any signs of ukus. If you do find them in child’s hair, we trust that you will provide the needed treatment to their hair, and not send them back to school until the treatment has taken full effect to fix the uku problem.