Learner Led Conferences Alakai O Kauai

Leaders of Their Own Learning: Learner-Led Conferences

Aloha, Alaka`i O Kaua`i Families,
Last week, Alaka`i O Kaua`i held Learner-Led Conferences (LLCs). Unlike traditional parent-teacher conferences, the learner is not only present but in charge of explaining their progress, reflecting on accomplishments, and reviewing progress on their Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) goals, which were set at the beginning of the year. For learners to be truly invested in their own learning and develop a growth mind-set, they need to be involved in the conversations about their strengths, challenges, and goals. Learner-Led Conferences promote a school culture of engagement and growth and ask the learners to play an active role in the process. The structure builds the learner’s sense of responsibility and accountability to themselves for their own learning, and it helps to hone their understanding of what it means to meet their academic and social-emotional goals.
“The Learner-Led Conferences this past week were wonderful! Both Ms. Raines and Ms. Joeanne did a fantastic job of setting up their classrooms to help the learners lead their parents through their daily work. Getting to see both boys take the reins and articulate what they are learning was great! Combining this with the ability to set up one-on-one conferences with the facilitators when you or your keiki need it is a great feature of Alaka`i!”
Ms. Sally Lauren Nichols
Alaka`i O Kaua`i parent
Additionally, the experience creates a powerful incentive for learners to develop their skills, through the communication of high expectations, public display of meaningful work, and opportunities to showcase talents in modalities that best suit learners’ distinct learning styles. Learner-Led Conferences help to build better communication and stronger relationships among our learners, facilitators, families, and school community.
Ms. Linda Krystek
Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Alakai O Kauai Learner Led Conferences

Learner-Led Conferences

Last week, we held Learner-Led Conferences in all grades. Learners were given the chance to showcase their growth and share what they’ve learned thus far. These conferences help ensure that learners are given the opportunity to reflect and grow while engaging their parents and facilitators. The experience creates a powerful incentive for learners to develop their skills through communicating work that is meaningful to them, and engaging in the opportunity to showcase their talents.