August 2017 Newsletter

Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School Newsletter

August 31, 2017

Facility Update

Big strides are happening in relation to our future home!  We are currently in the midst of lease negotiations with a special property we hope to secure soon.  Out of respect for the property owners and management, as well as  the nature of negotiations and the fact that a lease is not signed, we will keep the details under wraps until we can say for sure we have a home.  But rest assured that both sides are eager and excited for it to happen.  We can not wait to share the news when the ink is dry!


While a lease is being drawn up, our efforts have begun to look toward fund raising.  In the last month we have submitted an application for both Walmart Grant and Scheidel Foundation  grant.

We are happy to announce that for the entire month of September, you can donate to our school when you shop at Foodland in Waipouli shopping center in Kapa`a or at Foodland in Princeville.  Foodland’s annual matching gifts program, “Give Aloha”, encourages their maika’i customers to donate up to $249 to their favorite local non-profit organization.  All you have to do is give our code number 78915  at checkout and donation of $5 -$249.  Look for our banner at Foodland Kapaa with our donation code 78915  in case you forget!  We will receive 100% of your Give Aloha donations as well as an additional matching portion from Foodland.  Donations will go towards building  better classrooms with more opportunities for students to engage in hands-on projects.   If you were willing to pay the $40 for registration for your child to attend Alaka`i, please consider donating that amount during September.  Foodland gives us your $40 plus a percentage.  Last year, the return was $40 = $53!


Board Business

Welcome onto our governing board, Rick Eckert!!  Although he and his wife Judy are new residents of Kaua`i, Rick is jumping in head first to support alternative education on our island.  He was recently hired by KIUC to serve as  Financial Planning and Strategy Manager and his extensive experience serving on boards, both corporate and non profit, will be a great benefit to us.  

We regretfully say good-bye to Sheryl Busch, our CPA and Treasurer of the board.   We wish her well, though she will be difficult to replace for Sheryl  has 20 years of experience in charter school financial matters.  We now need someone to serve on Alakai’s governing board as Treasurer.  It would be most helpful if someone has bookkeeping knowledge to help us in opening Alaka`i  school.  Please contact us at in**@al**********.org if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for a great cause – Education for our Youths on Kauai!.


Have you filled out our volunteer form yet?  Once we secure our school site, we will be organizing fundraising and enrollment outreach.  Please let us know if you or anyone you recommend is able to volunteer for a great cause by signing up HERE. If you do not have time to volunteer or do not live on Kaua`i  but would like to make a donation, you can do so on our website via Paypal.

Community Outreach

Alakai School will have an information booth and sign-up sheet for families interested in receiving enrollment applications at the Bridge For Peace Festival to be held at the Veteran Center, Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 10 am – 4 pm.  This will be our third year of having a booth at their event.  A special thank you to Brittany Steinbeck for volunteering to ‘man’ the booth.  We will also gift a luggage tag for any  $5 donations.

Project Based Learning at Home

Get to know your family history and build close family bonds with an ancestry project.

This is especially important in our island community for Kanaka to restore and perpetuate Hawaiian culture yet it’s also an excellent way for malihini to maintain connection with their overseas relatives.

Have your child come up with a list of interview questions for his or her elder family members. Record the interviews and share with the rest of the family. Inspire and allow for story telling, discuss how the world and our lives are different now compared to the generations before.