Monday message 07.03.2023

AOK staff members painting rooms at AOK school

Aloha mai kakou to the learning community of Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School, and we hope this message finds you in good health and happiness as we move into the month of July.

Mahalo to our dedicated and talented employees who are working hard on campus to make the necessary renovations to prepare for the 2023-2024 school year. You may recall that last summer under the skillful guidance of Mr. Jon, the old Library, Meeting Room, and Storage area was converted into a Counsellor Suite and Learning Commons. This summer much of the effort is focused on preparation for the addition of another grade level to our school plus improving areas already in use.

Ms. Barb, Kumu Nouveau, and Mr. Jon have already significantly improved our campus. A former storage area that was unused on the lower campus has now been converted into a teaching space for our Hawai’iana classes. The need for this new teaching space is a result of the addition of Grade Seven who will move into the former Hawai’iana Room on Lower Campus. We will eventually house all of our Middle School students on the lower campus while the elementary section of Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School will remain on Main Campus.

The Grade Three classroom transformation is also ongoing with the removal of the old Science cabinets, the painting of the space, and the installation of new flooring. Mr. Jon has steadily, inch by inch, improved the school over the last five years to the point that he is now changing out the old flooring and replacing it with new. We will continue to work on this transition step by step, board by board, over the coming years.

We wish to acknowledge and thank Ms. Barb, Kumu Nouveau, and Mr. Jon for their work on improving our school. Mr. Adam will be joining this team in July to ensure we have as much completed by the end of the summer as possible.

Next week we will shift our focus to the other amazing twelve-month employees who work tirelessly behind the scenes to continuously improve our school, even during the summer break.

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Best wishes for a joyful July and see you at Campus Cleanup on July 29th. Malama pono.

DJ Adams – Po’o Kumu (Director), Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School, Koloa, Hawai’i

“Ua ola no i ka pane a ke aloha.” There is life in a kindly reply.

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