Monday message 01.14.2019

Aloha All,

As we kick off the second week of 2019, we are adding some new initiatives for learners to follow at Alaka`i O Kaua’i Charter School, and we want to begin by introducing our new SCHOOL SONG! With the help of the fifth-grade class, we are changing some of the lyrics to suit our school culture and will soon begin teaching it to the entire school.

Here is a link to the chosen song, “The Best Day of My Life.” Please listen to it with your children often, so they begin learning the background music and chorus. We hope you like the song!

Frederick A. Birkett, Ed.M
Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School 

Love & Logic Parenting Workshop

Linda Krystek (former interim school director) will be offering a workshop called, “Parenting with Love and Logic,” Part 1, on Tuesday, Jan. 15, from 2:45-4 p.m. in the Alaka’i Library.Read more

Searching for a Kumu & Educational Assistants

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School Quality Survey

On Friday, the “School Quality Survey” form from the Department of Education was sent home with each child. The purpose of this survey is to provide the State Charter SchoolRead more