Monday message 02.25.2019

Here we are again, the beginning of a new school week. I was performing my daily routine of visiting classrooms to make sure our facilitators and learners are safe, discussing the topic of the day or a continuation of what they learned the previous week. All of sudden, three words on a bulletin board outside of a classroom caught my eye: “Somebody Loves You!” Once I read those three words, I walked into the classroom and told Ms. Ashley (4th grade facilitator) this would be our theme for this week’s Monday Message. I felt that it had to be shared with the Alaka’i O Kaua’i school community. It is a message that truly represents our school: “Somebody Loves You.”

In addition to the three words, I continued to read the theme message posted below the title. It read: “It’s important to help others feel loved, and to realize your actions can affect others.” Based on the way the words were written, I could tell it was from the voice of a child, or several children. This message represents our school in all aspects in everything we believe at our school, from “Seven Habits” to the concept of “Love and Logic” as a basis of how we teach our learners that there are consequences to their behavior, negative as well as positive.

I encourage everyone to think how great it would be to incorporate the message, “Somebody Loves You” throughout our entire school on a daily basis. With this message as the theme of our school, it sets us apart as a school where we love not only in our words, but most importantly, with our actions. I hope this Monday Message gets your attention as it did mine, with our theme of love as our school focus. Mahalo!

Frederick A. Birkett, Ed.M
Alaka’i O Kaua’i Charter School

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