Monday message 02.18.2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Wednesday, Reports of Progress (ROP) will be sent home. This message serves as a guide to help you understand the ROP, as well as differentiate how academic and social-emotional mastery and growth is measured at Alaka’i O Kaua’i. You will find that there are many unique elements to our Report of Progress. Please take a moment to read the following message carefully.

The Reports of Progress are what you may compare to a traditional report card. However, instead of receiving letter grades, learners’ growth in our program will be recorded based on how consistently the academic and social-emotional skills are applied at this point in the year.

There are two parts: Academic and Social-Emotional. The Academic sections include a description of the substrands that are aligned to Common Core State Standards. The facilitator has given each learner an overall indicator that measures proficiency in that area. Please refer to the assessment legend on the Report of Progress to understand what each indicator (EG, MG, AG, and NY) means. You will also find a narrative that was provided by your learner’s facilitator that describes in more detail how your child demonstrates the academic skills in each subject. The second semester column will be left blank. At the conclusion of the year, you will be able to see both semesters’ indicators side-by-side.

The Social-Emotional skills included in the Report of Progress are based on Character Lab strengths, skills, or mindsets, in addition to College and Career Readiness, Academic Engagement, and Critical Thinking. These concepts are authentically embedded in everything we do during the day. Please refer to the legend on the Report of Progress in the Social-Emotional section to understand what each indicator (1-5) means.

Lastly, your learner’s facilitator has included an update on the progress of your learner’s academic and social-emotional Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) goals for the year. If your family did not attend an ILP meeting in the fall to set goals for your learner, facilitators can create goals with learners for the remainder of the year.

Our goal is to help keep our families educated and informed the best we can. Please feel free to contact your child’s facilitator if you have any questions.

The Alaka’i O Kaua’i Team

A Friendly Reminder

Please remember to send your child to school with a change of clothes in their backpack and warm clothing on cooler days. Mahalo!

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