Lynn Charton

1st Grade Facilitator

Mrs. Charton has taught first-grade and K/1 combo classes for over 32 years. She moved with her husband Jacques to Koloa 5 years ago from Marin County, California, and is thrilled with the opportunity to teach at our project-based learning-focused school. She has a career filled with teaching through project-based learning and some of the projects she facilitated include a turtle and koi pond, a greenhouse, incubating chicken eggs, a solar-powered chicken brooder and chicken coop, and gardens at 3 schools.

Lynn seeks and finds grant opportunities and community contributors to fund and support the projects she works on with her class. She enjoys bringing the community and families together to wrap her students in the village it takes to raise happy, healthy children.

In her spare time, Lynn enjoys practicing yoga on her lanai, gardening, reading, and video chatting with her family and friends on the mainland.

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