Laura Williams



Laura moved to Kaua’i in 2012 after being hired to develop sustainability programming at Kaua’i Community College. Through that work she was introduced to the island, its keiki, and some of the ongoing challenges surrounding education and environmental issues. She met her husband, got involved in some of the environmental issues of the day, made friends, came to know the island a bit better, and soon after their first son was born at Wilcox hospital. Her term at Kaua’i CC ended when the grant she was working under was completed and she, her husband and one year old moved to O’ahu so she could work on her PhD in the Geography and Environment department at UH Manoa.\

They had many learning experiences on O’ahu and the mainland during the next few years but eventually made their way back to Kaua’i so their son could start school. They chose Alaka’i because of its natural setting, small size, and project based focus. Learning more about the school made Laura want to join the board to help Alaka’i grow into its next phase and support a unique and needed educational option for Kauai’s keiki. Becoming friends with teachers, staff, and parents at Alaka’i has made her family’s transition back to Kaua’i feel supported and grounded.

She looks forward to using her long term knowledge and passion around high quality education to serve Alaka’i, its keiki, and Kaua’i. In her spare time she works on her dissertation, does contract grant writing and research projects, practices Yoga, learns about nutrition, wellness, and how to be the best parent possible, and loves to spend time outdoors with her family at the beach and in the mountains. She always has projects on her mind and in motion and is always willing to talk story. You can find her in Poipu at the surf club or cruising the beaches with her two boys.