Ben Sand



Ben Sand grew up in South Dakota on a multi-generation farm, graduated from North Dakota State University with a science degree, studied towards a master’s degree in Sweden and has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the agriculture industry. He owns his family farm in South Dakota and recently sold his agriculture products business in North Dakota, which allowed their family to move to our home of Kaua’i, which we dearly missed for over a decade.

Starting, building, and running a business taught him many valuable life lessons and gave him a much better understanding on how to interact and gain people’s trust, empower everyone around him, and ultimately help him grow as a human being. Having time now to serve and give back while he am able is a blessing.

He is active in sports and exercise, and loves to workout at the Poipu Athletic Club, as well as surf, hike, fish and hang out with my family and friends. He is active in his church, and is husband to his wife, Natalie, and dad to their sons Rocco (12), Cannon (8), Maverick (5), and daughter Waverly (1).